Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rally Gin Rules - The 'No Rally Needed' Amendment

Thanks for the patience with the #rallygin rules I published earlier today. The good news is we didn't need a rally for that north of the border butt-whoopin' we put on the Blue Jays this afternoon. 14-2. Wut?!

The bad news is you may not have had enough Midwestern Dry Gin to make the day complete. I get it. I really do. So herewith is the First Amendment of the #rallygin rules:

In the event of a game where the Royals take an early 
lead and hold or expand that lead to eventually
win the game you should treat yourself to 
Royals-themed Rieger gin-based cocktail.
~~~~~~~~ the one pictured here created by Andrew Olson at at Bluestem.

Do you have a Royals themed cocktail with J. Rieger & Co. Midwestern Dry Gin as the base? Post it on social media with a #rallygin and @kevinmarsh tag and I'll feature it here.

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