Friday, October 2, 2015

And I'm Back? Maybe?

Well... the thing in that last post didn't work out as planned. I'm a free agent at the moment and should probably use at least some of my newly available time writing again. Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone?

As you can see it has been a while since I have posted here.  Having joined a technology start-up earlier this year I am finding my time for blogging a bit limited.

I still like to eat and take photos. Follow me on Instagram for food photos from Kansas City and beyond.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why an "Epic Response" to a Bad Yelp Review is an Epically Bad Idea

I can hold my tongue no longer.

If you hang out in the "foodie" or restaurant industry corners of the interwebs you probably have seen the latest viral story surrounding the "epic takedown" of a yelp reviewer by the restaurant that was the target of that diner's one-star review. The original Yelp review, and consequently the restaurant's now famous response, has been deleted (presumably by the reviewer) but both have been preserved by several media outlets including Eater. I have also provided screenshots below (click to enlarge):

The original one-star review (left) and the response that launched a thousand clicks (at right).

Full disclosure. I live in the Kansas City metro, and have reviewed once and happily dined more than a few times at the restaurant in question, Voltaire. To the best of my knowledge I do not know the Yelp reviewer in question, Sonal B. But Kansas City is small. It's likely there's a 2nd or 3rd degree connection.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower - Recipe Test

If you're like me you probably get into a dining rut once in a while. Whether your eating at the same places all the time or cooking the same old recipes at home. Boring.

Breaking the routine isn't easy but social media certainly helps. Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever... you are usually subjected to a recipe or two every day. Every now and then one of these recipes seems to pick up steam and when ten or more of your friends share it out it becomes pretty hard to ignore.

That was the case with this recipe for Spicy Whole Roasted Cauliflower by someone known as Ask. Dr. Nandi. Not sure who this guy is but this recipe was shared on Facebook over 300,000 times. There are also over 3,000 Facebook comments that can be evenly divided into two camps:

Friday, August 29, 2014

If You Mix It, They Will Come (and Drink This Corny, Championship Cocktail)

Caitlin Corcoran and her award winning cocktail.
Last weekend Port Fonda's Caitlin Corcoran took first place in the annual Paris of the Plains Bartending Competition. I won't feign surprise that a woman won a competition that is overrepresented by men as I've learned that some of the very best bartenders in this city hail from the fairer sex.

While I wouldn't call myself a regular, I have been hanging out at Caitlin's bar for as long as she's been there and have always been a fan. Creativity, consistency, and respect for the drink. A real charmer too.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recipe: Tomato Pie

When I tell people that I'm eating "Tomato Pie" it often generates a quizzical look. Most people - especially Americans - equate pie with sweetness, with dessert. Tomato pie of course is a savory dish and one that has been a summer staple in my family for many years. A photo of this summer favorite has generated a lot of requests for the recipe and I'm happy to oblige.

I am uncertain of the provenance of this recipe. My mother introduced it to me and my siblings growing up though I doubt I had any interest in it until my late teens. I know for certain that my mother and sister still make it and my wife has become the standard bearer in our house. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

To Embrace Sour Beer, Pair It With Food

When it comes to the craft beer movement I have to admit to a complicated relationship. Philosophically it's a wonderful thing - passionate, artisan brewers creating brews with depth, character, flavor - everything that American beer was not from the mid to late 20th century. My quibble has been with the super trends within the movement. You see, I prefer a malty brew - think stouts, dark and red ales, doppelbocks, and so on. I don't limit myself to them but that's certainly my go to. So I felt more than a little left out when hoppy beers (pale ales are the poster child) began dominating the craft beer universe several years ago. Frankly from where I sit and drink it's been an arms race to see who can make the hoppiest beer without causing the drinker's head to actually split open from an overdose of citrus, pine, and bitterness. (pine is the worst. yuck.).