Friday, January 11, 2013

(Still) Crushing on Cafe Provence

I have a crush on Cafe Provence. I wanted to get that out of the way lest my readers start developing their own theories about my relationship with this Prairie Village gem.

It started several years ago when my wife and I wandered into this relatively obscure little French restaurant for lunch. Shelly and I have always been fans of eating out but we never (honestly, never) made any single restaurant a habit. So we certainly weren't looking for anything like that when we ventured out for lunch that day. A lot has happened between then and now, not the least of which is the fact that we eat at Cafe Provence almost once a week.  Usually for lunch but also for an occasional dinner.

So, generally I have a lot of great things to say about this place.  But know this... I don't love it because I eat there every week.  I eat there every week because it is an exceptional restaurant.

Cafe Provence is one of the few Kansas City restaurants I've been where service is as important as food (and both are exemplary).  It sounds trivial in print but I really enjoy that a guest is never asked, "Do you want to keep your fork?" when a server is clearing the table between courses. There is never any question. You get a new fork (or knife, or spoon, or...) if you've used the one on the table. C'est si bon.

The place is owned and run by the Quillec family. Two generations deep and several families wide. Here you will find the owners Patrick and Joanne Quillec, Daniel and Daniele Quillec (that's Mr. and Mrs. btw...) and their daughters, sons, nieces, and nephews. Heartwarming, really.

In the kitchen you will find Chef Dustin Remsing who recently took charge after Chef Philip Quillec moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina with his wife Paola. Dustin had big shoes to fill and has done quite well maintaining a consistently high quality of flavor and presentation coming from his kitchen.

Did I mention that Zagat recently named Cafe Provence the #1 restaurant in Kansas City? It's not just me. This place is good.

Anyway, you'll see photos and mentions of Cafe Provence in this space more frequently than many other Kansas City restaurants. I make no apologies for that.

Insider Tips:

  • The specials are always special. Order without reservation.
  • Soups are always perfect. 
  • Natalie can assist with all your wine questions.
  • Joanne will make you feel like you are at home (but with much better food and service).

Go there. Eat. Drink. Let me know what you think.

Photos from our most recent visit:

Gnocchi aux Legumes
Sage ricotta gnocchi tossed with roasted butternut squash, 

brussel sprout, oyster mushroom, wild mushroom 
truffle cream sauce 

Les Petits Champignons Farcis
Marinated breaded button mushroom filled with boursin

 cheese, spinach, red pepper pesto, arugula salad 

Ruby Trout with VeloutĂ© Sauce, Sweet Potatoes and Ham.

They serve wine.


  1. I had dinner there Monday and had the Petits Champignons, also. They were fabulous. I enjoy the service - casual, but not too casual.

  2. Nice. You're making my mouth water with that food photography. I knew you ate there A LOT but I kind of assumed it was because you were friends with the owners or something.

    Oh and dude...turn of the captcha!

    1. Good call on the Captcha. Honestly hadn't even looked at that setting.