Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Missed Connections - Is This Seat Taken?

You are one of my Westport faves and I was so excited to walk in on a recent (busy) Thursday evening to see four barstools available. How lucky am I? I only need two. But it wasn't meant to be. You looked at me with those beautiful Mexican ojos and tried to let me down gently, "I'm sorry, those seats are taken." The look of heartbreak and bewilderment must have been obvious in my eyes and you explained, "The four people seated there are actually outside having drinks and a cigarette..." motioning to the lively and also crowded outdoor scene, "...but they are coming back in."

Oh, what to do? Wait for them to finish with their outside seats? But what if you rebuff my advances again, reminding me that those seats too are taken by four people who have moved back inside for smokeless drinking, but may wish to return to the great outdoors for a nicotine fix?

Love. Heartache. Longing.

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