Friday, March 1, 2013

February Amuse-Bouche - Little Things From Last Month

Despite my best intentions (and probably for the good of my readers) sometimes I just don't get around to writing about everything I eat or drink. Maybe the photos turned out lousy or I just don't have enough words that want to be shared. Anyway, herewith are some February tidbits I didn't get around to posting for one reason or another:

Valentine's Dinner is best when shared with one you already love. It's so much more fun and much easier to laugh it off if your restaurant of choice drops the ball. 
Complimentary roses took an all-night beating by passing waitpeeps as they were unfortunately located in a high traffic area in this unnamed KC restaurant.

Rye is now open for brunch and it's worth the trip. If you only go once bring your appetite and indulge in the best eggs benedict I've enjoyed in quite a while. And of course, there's Megan's pastries...
Top Left: Eggs Benedict Top Right: Burnt End Hash
Bottom: Fresh Pastries

I'm growing my own microgreens at home this winter. Potting soil, seeds, a sunny window and ten days will produce a harvest worth of a salad or sandwich.

From what I can tell the Dining for JJ's night was a huge success. Over 100 area restaurants participated by donating 10% of receipts on a recent Saturday night. 
We had our 'Dining for JJ's' meal at Tannin Wine Bar and Kitchen. Pictured is there very delicious pork chop.

Grünauer remains one of my favorite early evening or late night stops for perfect hand-crafted cocktails and fine german sausages.
Left: Old Fashioned TopRight: Sausages
Bottom Right:Flüssiger Strudel - Dark rum,strudel juice, lemon juice, egg whites and cinnamon.

Food Photo of the Month: Cafe Provence's Souffle Renverse au Truffe  
Twice baked upside down cheese souffle, truffle, arugula salad, bacon, kumquat confit, pepper coulis
Cafe Provence's Souffle Renverse au Truffe 

The boys at Oddly Correct held a (wholesale) customer appreciation event in their brand new space recently. Their coffee seems to be showing up on menus and in coffee shops all over town including:

  • Foo's Fabulous (Leawood)
  • Port Fonda
  • Succotash
  • One More Cup
  • Quay Coffee
  • Blue Bird Bistro
The Oddly Correct guys:
Rovenstine (seated left), Mike Schroeder (standing middle), and Gregory Kolsto (far right)

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