Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Shouldn't Be So Good - Chicken Burger at Beer Kitchen

As a general rule I don't order much chicken when I'm eating out. At the top of my taboo list is any kind of chicken burger, chicken sandwich, you get the idea... boooring. So it was, several Saturdays ago that Shelly and I sat down at the bar at Beer Kitchen and prepared to order brunch. A chatty young woman next to us said without invitation, "Get the Creole Chicken Burger.  It's awesome!" Um, thanks Chatty Girl? We're fine. "Seriously. It's the only thing I ever order here." She motioned to a plate with a half eaten, intriguing-loooking sandwich on it. Oh, what the hell...

And now I'm hooked. I've eaten this spicy little number for both brunch and lunch and am already looking forward to one as a late-night beer chaser. Ground chicken? It shouldn't be this good. But it is. Thanks Chatty Girl. Seriously.

Creole Chicken - Cajun-blackened chicken burger, chipotle white cheddar,
avocado, tomato & chipotle aioli on potato roll

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