Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sofa King: Earthy - Mushrooms From "The Morel Man"

"Mushroom Man" Rick Simpson (pictured) is still selling his freshly picked morels in the parking lot of McGonigle's on Thursdays. $25 gets you a half pound bag - about 35-40 mushrooms. They're not cheap but they are good. I bought my bag this afternoon. Rick is pretty certain that he'll still be selling next Thursday as well. After that, it depends on the weather.

He sells them in a Ziplok bag for convenience but make sure you don't keep them sealed up for long (or at all) as this will trap moisture and speed the rotting process.  Keep them in an open container in the refrigerator and they'll last at least 4-5 days. Mine should be gone by morning.

$25 worth of morels

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