Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rejected (But Not Bitter): Battle Burgers @ BRGR

Close your eyes and imagine this burger:
The Braxton
Layered from bottom to top: Buttered/grilled potato bun, BRGR-style hamburger patty, Provolone cheese, smoked beef brisket (texture almost like pot roast), small squirt of BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, buttered/grilled potato bun.

Keep imagining it, because the only way you're getting one is by invite to my house some weekend this summer.

Burger Battle Menu
Click to enlarge
The Braxton was my submission to the BRGR Burger Battle - where ordinary citizens submit burger recipes to be culled by their top chefs. Make it through that first pass and your burger is placed on a special Burger Battle menu (pictured) during the month of May. The burger that is ordered the most will be placed on BRGR's permanent menu and the associated entrant gets a burger a week for a year (yikes).

I didn't make the cut. And I swear I'm not bitter (though loyal readers are free to petition, march or otherwise let your voice be heard). What am I going to do with 52 burgers this year? Anyway, I like their choices. BRGR owners Bread & Butter Concepts continue to experiment with ways to keep their diners engaged. Some things work, some don't. I appreciate the effort and the risk taking.

Mama's Meatloaf Burger
by Beth Anderson
I did have a chance to sample one of the selected burgers this week - Mama's Meatloaf Burger by Beth Anderson (pictured at left). This baby goes like this: Meatloaf Patty (onions, celery, carrots, peppers, well-seasoned), BRGR ketchup glaze, mashed potatoes and crispy onions on Texas toast.

Nice work Beth. More than I should be eating for lunch but 'twas good.


  1. Sorry your burger didn't make it to the battle, but I'm glad you liked mine! I'm already working on recipes for next year's battle. Thanks for ordering and enjoying my burger.