Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Impressions - Bier Station Opens in Waldo

Billed as the Midwest's first craft beer tasting bar/bottle shop Bier Station recently opened in Waldo. The idea here is to have a combination tasting bar/bottle shop in a blended pub/retail environment.

First impressions: Clever concept for real beer lovers. Feels a little weird waiting in line at the bar to pay for a can of beer.

As its name implies this is a place for beer lovers. They maintain 21 beers on tap and many, many more are available in cans and bottles. Bottles and cans can be purchased to go as well. Prices are typical of what you'd find at a good beer store. Tap selection is varied and will please all but the tamest (read: Bud Light lovers) beer tastes. 

The setup is very different than what you're likely used to. Upon entering Bier Station you have two basic choices:

  1. Head straight to the bar for a draft beer. This feels normal. Walk up, get the bartender's attention and order one of the 21 beers currently available on tap. Draft beers are listed on a flat screen designed to approximate the look of an Arrivals Board at a train station. Beers are listed by name followed by their origin (city and/or country), style (lager, pilsner, stout, etc...), and percent alcohol content. Pay for your drink or start a tab and enjoy at the bar or find an empty seat at a table. Enjoy.
  2. Turn right and head to the beer cooler. This is different. Imagine the typical cold case in your favorite retail beer store. Here you are faced with an impressive selection of canned and bottled beer from around the US and the world. Grab the one you want, head to the bar to pay for your drink (or start a tab) and enjoy at the bar or find an empty seat at a table. Enjoy. 

Food is pretty limited. They currently offer soft pretzels from Farm to Market Bread Company paired with dipping sauces as well as a selection of cheeses and meats.

There is an upper level deck that I didn't get to but it appears to be additional seating. That would be particularly nice come spring and summer. Pretty sure I'll check it out when the temps start rising.

The Bier Station bar area is meant to invoke the look
of the Marienplatz train station in Munich.

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