Friday, February 1, 2013

This Month I Learned - January Roundup

Despite my best intentions (and probably for the good of my readers) sometimes I just don't get around to writing about everything I eat or drink. Maybe the photos turned out lousy or I just don't have enough words that want to be shared. Anyway, herewith are some January tidbits I didn't get around to posting for one reason or another:

Gomer's Midtown has an amazing selection of 
Champagne. If you think you don't like Champagne, maybe you just haven't tasted the good stuff

Scallops at Cafe Provence never disappoint. Look at these things!
Kansas City is home to some really great butcher shops. Broadway Butcher Shop recently opened and impressed me with some wonderful cuts of meat. Pictured here is owner Greg Madouris with his signature Tomahawk Chop.

Every now and then Groupon and Google Offers have truly great deals on fine dining. It's your money. Save it where you can and still eat well.

Port Fonda is still awesome but impossible to find on Google. I have no idea why. Their website is here, but you'll find more detailed information on their Facebook page.

Some dishes are delicious but not photogenic (without a professional set-up). This Berkshire Pork Ragu with herbed polenta cake and garlicky spinach at Webster House is a perfect example. Could not have tasted better. So homely though.

Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant passed my sniff test in a quick visit on a cold January night. Wine tasting, flights, pairings, etc... could be a lot of fun here. Pork belly nachos are a tasty bar item.

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