Friday, April 12, 2013

First Sip - T. Loft Opens

Lately I've been trying to use my Friday mornings to get around to as many coffee joints as possible. I'm an espresso latte drinker on Friday mornings and Kansas City has lots to offer characters like me. So it was with some trepidation and a mild sense of adventure that I slipped into Kansas City's newest addition -  T. Loft. Trepidation because T. Loft has lattes, but no espresso. No coffee of any kind for that matter. That's by design of course. And a little scary for a coffee guy.

T. Loft owner Jill Minton (enthusiastically)
describes her menu.
I introduced myself to owner Jill Minton and explained my preference for espresso beverages. After a little back-and-forth she recommended I try the Coconut Almond Latte (a blend of coconut tea and their own house-made almond milk). While my drink was being prepared Ms. Minton explained the other store offerings including dozens of tea blends (available hot, cold or loose-leaf to brew at home), fresh juice blends, and a variety of gluten-free pastries.

Verdict on my drink? It won't be replacing my espresso latte on a regular basis but it was a very tasty alternative all the same. I'm anxious to return in the coming weeks for some of the fresh juice blends.

T. Loft (8025 State Line Road) has been in soft opening mode since Sunday.  Their Grand Opening is tomorrow.

Have you been to T. Loft yet? Weigh in with your opinion below.

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