Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So, Your Kid Is Going To Kansas State Next Year? Bring Home the Butter...

K-State Communications and Marketing Photography: History of K-State &emdash; Call Hall ice cream 1941Congratulations! Your son/daughter is heading to Manhattan, Kansas. The Little Apple. Home of the Wildcats. Aggieville. Bill Snyder. Call Hall. OK, maybe you haven't heard of that last one but if you like to eat (you do like to eat, right?), and if you cook (even a little) you'll want to find Call Hall and make it a regular stop during your day trips to campus.

Built in 1963, Call Hall is named for Dr. Leland Everett Call, who joined the K-State faculty in 1907. Call served 21 years as dean of agriculture, beginning in 1925. A year after it was built, the building became home to the K-State Dairy Processing Plant and the Dairy Bar (photo). The Dairy Bar has always been a favorite of those seeking their made-on-the-premises ice creams. It's good stuff and you should try it. But do not leave campus without some butter. Sold in one-pound bricks this butter is some of the most wonderful 16 ounces of churned goodness you can find.

Butter eaters can skip to the next paragraph. The rest of you: What's holding you back? Butter is unhealthy? How long are trying to live anyway? Moderation folks. A small amount of really good butter on your heart healthy vegetables is going to make you eat more vegetables. You'll enjoy the life you're living even more.

I don't eat margarine. It scares me. I cook with olive oil, grape seed oil, and will add butter to either for recipes that call for a richer flavor. I've typically found that most store-bought butters are close enough in mediocrity that I simply buy the least expensive available. (Plugrá is an exception, but I still prefer the K-State stuff). And that worked fine until our daughter (and K-State senior) Morgan brought us to Call Hall for the aforementioned ice cream. It was then that I discovered that I could buy all manner of meat and dairy products. My purchases have included:
  • Quail Eggs (put them on your pizza)
  • Pork cheeks
  • Goat rib rack
  • Lamb shanks
  • Various cuts of beef
  • and butter...
So, go to parents' weekend, see a game with your kid once in a while, just don't be a pest. But do get yourself some butter. You'll want to send more kids to Manhattan.

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